Tips for Flavoured Paneer

Break from the conventional way of using Paneer

• Yellow delight – Add turmeric pwd, little salt and pepper in the Milk Whey, use any normal gravy instead of usual white paneer
• Tandoori Tadka – Add 1 tbsp Zaiqa Tandoori Masala to 1/2 litre of milk
• Achari Masala – Add 1 tsp mix of Zaiqa achari masala for half litre of milk, use in rich tomato gravies or rich shahi gravies
• Minty Burst – Add 1 tbsp thick mint chutney for half liter of milk
• Hara Bhara Paneer – Add 1 tsp mix of Zaiqa palak paneer masala for half litre of milk for leafy greens(saag) flavoured gravies.
• Green Fields – Finely chop methi leaves, Chopped coriander, sprinkle salt and black pepper, ½ tsp of Zaiqa Al Faham Masala to half litre
milk for flavourful methi paneer
• Creamy Rich Paneer – Add 1 cup Amul cream, 1 tsp curd for creamy soft paneer and ½ tsp Zaiqa Shahi Paneer Masala for half litre of milk
• Spicy Fiery Paneer – Add chilli flakes, little kashmiri chilli powder and salt
• Continental Twist – Add mixed herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary.
• Hara Bhara – Add finely chopped capsicum, chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chillies, 1/2 tsp Zaiqa’s Nayab E Kalimirch with salt.
• Shahi Paneer – Saffron & salt for Cream and Almond based gravies
• Garlic Paneer – Chopped garlic, salt, pinch of pink salt
• Mexican Flavour – Add cajun spice mix / Peri Peri for African flavour

**While Boiling Milk add seasonings/spices just before the whey separates.

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