About Us

What started as an innocent question in class – when did India enjoy its richest era? – spurred Anisa Arif (the creator of Zaiqa the Spice Store) to set off on a journey that began in the Mughal Era and is today a super-hit on Facebook and current day kitchens. Curious about the evasive and well-guarded Mughal recipes of royal families, she began her research with the Lizzat-e-Taam – a secret from the kitchens of the Nawabs preserved by the Qureshi clan.

Post marriage, all other curiosities were set aside and she set about getting to her man’s heart through his stomach! With help from her husband’s favorite spice mixes from the Middle East, Anisa reigned the kitchen with her innovative dishes while her husband kept the spice mixes coming in droves! Unfortunately though, the couple’s love for the packed spices saw its unfortunate decimation when they had to cut back on it due to recurring health issues.

As with all inventions, necessity made the researcher in Anisa surface again. Five years of deliberations, combinations and trials later, she created blends of spices in her own kitchen so that her family could enjoy their favorite dishes without having to worry about their health. Also also fondly referred as Mistress of Spices !!

A few samples for friends and acquaintances later, demand began surpassing supply – enter, Preservative Free Masala's - Zaiqa The Spice Store. The uniqueness of the spice blends doesn’t just stop at them being health-friendly; each blend has been painstakingly researched, tried and tested to ensure that the ‘exactly right’ amount of each spice goes into the blend, so that every dish made with it reaches culinary perfection.

Zaiqa The Spice Store is a familiar and much-loved face on the food and shopping circles in Tamil Nadu, steadily making its way to national recognition. The store’s Facebook page Zaiqa The Spice Store is gathering likes as fast as you can say ‘spices rock’! Check out the Facebook page at Zaiqa The Spice Store or click on the Spice Store tab of this website to see the repertoire of the store’s spice blends.

*Every spice blend from Zaiqa The Spice Store is 100% vegetarian and does not contain any chemical or preservatives.