Corporate Gifting and Festive Gift Hampers

Gift an Experience !

At Zaiqa The Spice Store, we understand the importance of personalized gifts and hampers for special occasions like Diwali, Christma and New Year.

A carefully curated selection of spices can elevate any dish, adding depth and complexity to their culinary creations. Whether they are seasoned home cooks or aspiring chefs, your gift will undoubtedly spark their creativity in the kitchen and leave a lasting impression. So why not share the joy of cooking with a gift that is both practical and heartfelt?

Reach us at for wholesale enquiries or or to customize your spice hamper!

We guarantee fond thoughts coming your way from your friends and relatives as they dig into restaurant style tikka masalas, mutton chops, biryanis, fish fries and even humble dals using our honest, aromatic and high quality spice blends! 

Take home one of our beautiful bags with an assortment of our signature spice blends!