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Dilli Nihari Masala - Nalli Nihari Masala

Dilli Nihari Masala - Nalli Nihari Masala

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There is a charm in things of old that nothing new and snazzy can compare with. Mellowed with time and soaked in memories, they bring about such nostalgia in our hearts that we yearn for things of the past.

Though we might not be able to recreate every ancient thing for you, we sure can bring you the unbeatable experience of ancient Old Delhi - the smoky streets, the courteous vendors, the sliver of sky and the beams of sunlight - through our soul satisfying Delhi Nihari Masala blend.

Ingredients - Red Chilli, Dhania, Zeera, Cloves, Cinnamon, Bay leaf, Haldi, fennel seeds & other garam masala.


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